Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Thinking Outside The Box

When I was walking back from work, I was listening to my iPod when a song I hadn't listened to for a while came on. It was 'Nothing' by 'The Script'.
It reminded me of a time a while ago where my Mum and I we listening to it while in the car and I randomly asked her what she thought the story was behind the song.
"I think it's about a man who goes to see his ex-girlfriend or ex-wife and she turns him away."
To be honest I was surprised. I hadn't thought of it like that at all, in fact I had thought that the song was about a man who had died and the reason that his ex-partner didn't acknowledge him was because he was a ghost that she couldn't see.
It just goes to show that sometimes, you have to step away from your own ideas and take in other people's thoughts and feelings about things to see the bigger picture.

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  1. Step outside and get some air- sometimes a new environment can help to clear your mind.
  2. Talk to people and see how they feel about things- having a discussion about things can open your eyes to new arguments and viewpoints.
  3. Try to put yourself in someone else's shoes- imagine how you might feel or act and try to transfer that into your writing.

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