Friday, 29 November 2013

Be Fearless- Be Free

I don't hear this topic brought up very often but I think that it's important all the same. Sometimes, in society as well as with writing, we feel as though we have to act  in a certain way around others or portray ourselves in a certain manner. We can spend so much energy on trying to have others see us in a certain way that we lose focus of what we're really aiming for. We lose focus of who we really are.

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We become afraid. We shy away from our personality. Our quirkiness, our idiosyncrasies become embarrassing and we feel as though we should mask them. It is an unspoken notion in society that we should all act 'normal': that we should all have the same pattern of behaviour and ideals as each other.

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We are not the same and, you know what? That's what makes this world so incredible. Each of us are unique and we should be celebrating that. If we were all the same then we would discover nothing new- nobody would be thinking outside of the box to come up with anything different. There would be no art, no music, no fiction- we would be left with nothing but a blank canvas instead of the vibrancy and boldness that we have today.
Without individuality there would be no inventions- without unique thinking we wouldn't have half of the knowledge  that we have in the world today. Look at Galileo who was placed under house arrest for his forward thinking- if he had allowed himself to act the same as everyone else and not expressed himself, we would still believe the Earth was flat.

As the famous saying goes:
“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.”

You may be wondering why I have chosen this topic to discuss today.
The reason I chose to talk about this is because if we aren't careful we can hold ourselves back- we can stop ourselves from reaching our full potential and what's more, we are stopping the world from seeing a new perspective and getting new ideas. We owe it to ourselves and the world to be true to ourselves.

We write who we are. We express ourselves through our words- in a way we literally put ourselves in our writing- and if we don't fully embrace who we are then how can we get our message across in our writing?

If you are free to be who you really are then you are fearless and if you are fearless then you can do anything.

Whether that be writing what you want to write (whether it be from a steamy romance to an intense thriller) or just being happy with who you are.

If my blog just helps one person to learn this valuable lesson than I will consider the entire thing worthwhile.

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