Friday, 1 November 2013

Finding A Balance

I visited a friend I hadn't seen in a few months the other day. It was so good to see her to the point that just pulling up outside of her house made me feel as though I was being pulled into a hug and that was before I'd even knocked on the door and seen her face yet! We'd had a brilliant catch-up and I ended up feeling... lighter somehow than I had before. It had taught me a valuable lesson.

It's important to keep a balance in life.

This may be in regards to keeping in touch with friends and family against working on your writing or your career in general. Or it may be looking after someone and looking after yourself at the same time.

I hold my hands up: I am rubbish at going out and seeing my friends, not because I don't want to see them but rather because I struggle to juggle my full time apprenticeship with my writing. I have three ends of a scale and unfortunately my social life does not bode well.

The way I'm working on improving this is by making the effort to speak to my friends, to see them and to make sure they're alright.

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It's important to remember not to neglect different things as they sometimes can creep up on you and then you have to put everything on hold to deal with it.

So this blog is kind of about writing but mostly this is just a focus on looking after yourself- especially as we approach the busier (dare I say it) Christmas period. If I could say anything in this post it would be this:

Look after yourself, look after those you love and most of all just try to be happy.

I hope you all have a good a weekend and let me know below what it is that you find the most difficult thing to balance. :)


Just an update: I will now be updating on Tuesdays and Fridays. The reason for this is so I can plan my posts more and hopefully provide more useful tips and interesting topics to think about in the future.

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