Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

Sometimes in life were so busy or get so preoccupied we forget to give ourselves credit where it's due. Instead, we can have the tendency to criticise ourselves for things that we don't do right or that should have been done differently.

But it is important to take some time to remember everything we have accomplished.

If you've done something well- be proud of it! Have a little celebratory dance, fist pump the air- do whatever you want but just enjoy it.

I mention how important it is to keep balance in our lives in one of my other posts here, but I think that it is really important to reinforce this- especially for writers who may not always receive instant gratification for the hard work they do.

If you've written three hundred words of a new story, poem, screenplay etc. but don't think it's brilliant- pat yourself on the back! You've done three hundred words! Yeah it may need a lot of editing but you sat down and did it where so many others didn't.

If you've managed to get a newspaper to give you an article to do but are really struggling with writing it- pat yourself on the back! Congrats, you've proven that you're a good writer otherwise they wouldn't have given it to you in the first place! They clearly think you can do it or else they'd have given it to someone else!

Even if you have a rejection from publishers or an agent- pat yourself on the back! You've written the thing in the first place- you've got there where so many people have given in! You've stuck with it through thick and thin where many others have walked away.

With these things in life, it is always important to remember- even when we think we are struggling or are never going to get there that:

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Not sure how to congratulate yourself? Here's some ideas:
  1. Have a long soak in the bath- relax and have some 'you time'!
  2. Treat yourself to something sweet! Even if it's just a biscuit, do something to mark your achievement!
  3. Shout about it! To your friends, to your family- to your partner! Obviously don't rub it in people's faces but if it means a lot to you, it'll mean a lot to those that care for you!
  4. Listen to a favourite song and dance along! Have a serious boogie- bum wiggle and all! Sing along at the top of your lungs or air guitar some power chords!
The possibilities are endless but just remember to, wait for it... Pat yourself on the back!

Any other suggestions on how to celebrate? Leave your ideas below!

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