Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Looking Towards The Future

I've just found myself sat on the floor in my room in front of an open drawer, pulling out different pieces of paper and notepads, taken over by complete and utter nostalgia. I'd found a bunch of sheets from when I was in primary school (junior school) including a bright red folder called 'My Life'.

Flicking through it, I'd found three pages coloured in bright blue crayon, each with a different heading underneath a wobbly picture of a clock. The headings were 'Past', 'Present' and 'Future'.

The 'Past' was pretty basic- mentions of my time as a baby etc. It was the 'Present' and 'Future' that really caught my attention.

In 'Present' I spoke of my friends at the time- people who I haven't seen in years and who, in a few years time, would go into different friendship groups (as would I.) Obviously, writing this as a nine or ten year old, I would have had no idea that this would be the case. Which brings me onto the next section of my little wannabe autobiography...

'Future'. I'd flipped over the page, heavily amused and eager to see what was in store for me next when there was... nothing.

Now, this may be because I ran out of time or the book was forgotten about, but it kind of felt like a message. We cannot predict what's to come.

When I wrote the 'Present', I clearly expected to be friends with these girls for years to come- I had no idea how in one or two years time we would all go our separate ways and only occasionally (if rarely) speak to them again.

Now, in this very moment, we have yet to experience things that we may look back on in fondness or sadness in years to come. We cannot plan for these things- to even try would be ridiculous, not to mention impossible. At the end of the day, we are currently in our own past.

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The point is wherever you are going in life, whichever direction or whatever you decide to do- even if you cannot see the path you are on or where you are going, just remember: You've been here before. This is your past and just like all of those difficult times in your life before, you've moved on past them.

No matter how lost you feel, you're on the road to the future- it just may not be the one you were expecting.

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