Friday, 8 November 2013

The Tortoise And The Hare

I randomly found myself thinking of the fable this morning. I hadn't heard the story in years but as I was having a moment to reflect on my life so far this morning I just found myself thinking of that race.

(For anyone who needs a quick reminder of how the story goes, you can read it here)

See, what a lot of people seem to focus on in the story is the arrogance of the hare. Yeah, his ego caused him to lose and was symbolism for his downfall but a lot of people seem to forget about the tortoise.

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You see while both of the animals had their goal in mind (to win the race), only one of them had the determination and focus to go ahead and do it.

The hare got distracted, he lost focus and just assumed that he would get what he wanted with little effort. The hare was wrong.

The tortoise however, knew that if he stuck with it, that if he kept his focus and ploughed on he would get there eventually. He knew that it would take time and that it would be hard work but he got there.

Now, some of you may be wondering what the blazes I'm going on about here so I'll quickly get to the point.

While the story teaches us not to be lazy and take things for granted, it also teaches us that with enough determination and hard work- not to mention patience and the willingness to push ourselves- we can achieve anything. Even if it is just a race against a hare. ;)

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