Tuesday, 24 December 2013


We all have dreams- things we hope for in the future. These many not always be show-stopping, not everyone dreams of being a big Hollywood actress or the next world famous entrepreneur, but everyone has goals in life. For most people this is the dream of having a family one day or perhaps owning their own house. For others it is the dream of starting up a small business with hopes for possible expansion.

I think we can forget sometimes that we are all trying to achieve these goals- that we're all in the same boat. (click here for more on not being alone)

Yesterday, I happened to be trying to make conversation with a rather quiet co-worker when the subject of hobbies came up. She admitted that she was really into tapestry and was currently focussing on making rugs. She'd recently applied for a grant from a business in London and had yet to receive a reply but she was determined to start her own small business.

To see her face light up when she was talking in clear enthusiasm was rather inspiring. It really touched me to see her talking about her passion with such pride.

The point is: don't forget that everyone is aiming for the future and you know what? People do make it.

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I'm sorry for the short post but I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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