Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Lessons Learnt

As we find ourselves looking up at the clock waiting for it to strike twelve, we end up reflecting on the year that has passed by and wondering what the next one has in store for us.

For many, we use this time to think about the friends we've made or the ones that we have lost. We think of the progress and the setbacks that we have been faced with and how we behaved at these times. But most importantly we think about what we want to change or what we want to improve for the future.

What many people fail to grasp is that to make a better future, we need to learn from our mistakes.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for welcoming in the new year- especially with those that you care about! But I think we forget sometimes that the only way to change our bad habits or negative outlook is to think over our previous actions of the year and see how we can change them for a happier future. So often you hear of people vowing to make change only to fall into the old routine that they were trying to get out of in the first place. (To find out how to stick with new years resolutions click here)

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With a new year comes new opportunities- it comes with the chance to make a fresh start, to put into action the things that we having been dreaming about but have been to scared to actually GO for- yet if we don't take the time to actually sit back and think over all that we have been through in the year or the lessons that we have learnt, we can't progress and move on with our lives. If we don't make peace with what has happened it holds us back and rather than be able to fully look forward with what's to come, we distract ourselves with pointless 'what ifs'

So while you find yourself welcoming in new beginnings don't forget to also say a proper goodbye to the year gone by as, whether it be good or bad, it's all a part of the journey of you becoming who you truly want to be.

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