Friday, 20 December 2013

The Search For Christmas Spirit

Last year I wasn't in the Christmas spirit at all! I'm not a Scrooge- I swear! In fact I love seeing people's happy faces on Christmas morning or that big grin that takes over when they see what you've gotten for them- of the clear thought that has gone into their gift.

I think that the reason that I wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit was because- for me at least- it felt... tainted. It may have been because of the pressure of what to get people or maybe even the bombardment of adverts of what we should want but Christmas didn't feel the same. Christmas day arrived and it just felt empty. It had no special significance to me and you know what? It was sad.

Because of that, and the fact that my Nana will be spending Christmas with us for the first time this year after my Grandad died in June, I was determined to get into the Christmas spirit- not just for myself but for her so that she could try and have the best Christmas possible considering the consequences.

So how was I going to go about getting into the spirit of things? I tried everything: listening to Christmas songs, helping my Mum put up the Christmas tree, even making the effort to sing songs in the office but nothing was working.

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Then, suddenly, just when I was about to give up it hit me: family. Family was what it was all about. That feeling you get when you are snuggled under a blanket with those that you love, laughing and sharing stories or reminiscing about happy times. That warm feeling that you get when you are around people that you care about and know care about you too- that is what Christmas is about.

Sadly, I think that many of us have lost sight of this. We forget just how lucky we are when we lose sight of what matters and are overridden with advertising and the idea of Christmas. (to read more about this click here)

Let's stop focussing so much on the little things like the party food and the presents and the decorations- let's just stop! Why don't we focus on our partners, our parents, our siblings, our friends? The things and the people that really matter! The things that won't be forgotten by the end of the season.

What do you remember more? Where you put the decorations or that time where you laughed with those that you care about?

If I have learnt anything this year, it's that the other things fade, the materialistic things are forgotten- it is the precious memories that stay with you and make the day really special.

It is the memories we create that make Christmas. It is the happiness that we feel around others that make it special.

Thoughts? Comments? Let me know below!

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