Friday, 13 December 2013

The Secret Of Writing

A lot of people often look for a secret trick or method that magically makes them better writers. They look for a quick fix that, like a light switch, will turn on the incredible writer within that will produce an award winning piece and great recognition.

Writing is a long and emotional process. You never stop learning.

If I could give any advice, any advice at all when it came to writing, it would be to savour every second of being alive.

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If we do not fully embrace life how can we write about it? How can we capture it with our words and expression to share it with the world if we do not treasure it?

How can we write about feeling revitalised and feeling free when we do not feel the rain against our skin or the sunlight on our face?

How can we write of sorrow if we do not allow our hearts to be put on the line and take risks whether it be with relationships or our hopes?

How can we write of the kaleidoscope of feelings and colours when we don't experience and see it for ourselves?

In my personal experience, when I am happy or feel particularly moved I write better. Now this isn't to say that I don't write at all when I am miserable or apathetic- not at all- to do so would be foolish. However, when I am at peace or have a big smile on my face it helps the words to flow from my mind and my fingertips and onto the page.

You are what you write. When you are confident and comfortable in yourself, your writing is more self-assured. When you learn and grow as a human, you capture humanity in all of its beauty and brutality.

So look, listen and take it all in.

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