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The Trick To Tackling The New Years Resolution

Yes- I know, I know! This post is still pretty early, seeing as though Christmas has only just passed, but it is usually at this time-as we tuck into yet another chocolate- that we start to ask ourselves that oh-so-popular question: what is my new years resolution going to be?
Now some people, arguably the wiser of us, decide not to take part in this tradition. That's perfectly fine. I am writing this post for us suckers that are determined to try!

As many of us know, the biggest issue we face is to stick with what we have set out to do. Obviously this also has a lot to do with each individuals willpower and how desperately they want to achieve their goals but there are certain things we can do to help ourselves to make that impossible aim look just a little bit less impossible. Here are my top tips on helping yourself achieve success.
  1. Slow and steady wins the race. It may sound obvious but we've all been guilty of setting ourselves goals that are completely unrealistic. Let's face it, if you set yourself the task of running the London Marathon with only two weeks training then your prospects aren't going to look good. However, if you set yourself the target of running a certain REASONABLE distance in two weeks, you've got more of a chance of reaching your overall goal as well as enjoy yourself along the way!
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2. Choose something that you really want to do. If you choose to do something that you are not overly bothered about then you are less likely to do it. Say for example that you wanted to give up biscuits because you eat too many; the chances are that you will eat alternatives for a bit before you find yourself in front of that biscuit tin because you really like them and 'surely one won't hurt'. If you're going to do it and commit yourself to doing it, aim high!

3. Give yourself a break. We all mess up, it is human to make mistakes- the trick is not to let it stop you. Say that you're on a diet and you were doing well up until that point where you found yourself eating that bar of chocolate that you'd been eyeing up all week. OK, you messed up but think of it this way- if you give up entirely because of that one blip than you'll be making an even bigger mistake by not doing what you set out to. Don't beat yourself up over it, rather focus on how well you were doing and getting back on track.

4. If you're really struggling, focus on why you're doing it. It's all well and good knowing that we really want to do something but sometimes we need to focus on the why. Do you want to grow in confidence? Feel more self-assured? Do you want to do something special that will give you memories for a lifetime? Or have you just reached your limit and want a change? Or alternatively...

5. Focus on how you'll feel when you accomplish your goal. That huge feeling of achievement you'll get when you complete what you've been working on for so long. That feeling you'll get crossing the finish line with all of those other runners. That excitement you'll feel when you fit into that top you were itching to wear ever since you first saw it. That amazing buzz you get of 'I did it!' When you reach that point you were aiming for all along. If you're struggling think back on a time you have that adrenaline rush and savour it or, if not, look forward to the chance to experience it.

Don't forget to reward yourself for each achievement along the way and I hope that everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

Know what you're aiming for next year and willing to share? Leave a comment below!

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