Sunday, 2 February 2014

How The Little Ways Of Saying Thank You Can Make A Big Difference

I'm about to ask you a question now and I want you to seriously consider the answer...

When was the last time that you did something or said something to show someone that you genuinely love them?

I'm not talking about the generic "I love you." as you're parting ways or a quick kiss as you're about to walk through the door, but a real moment where you shown someone how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them being in your life.

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For me, this moment happened on Friday. I'd decided that I wanted to get someone a couple of small gifts just to say thank you for all of the help and support they had given me lately. They were nothing extravagant- one happened to be something that she was considering buying anyway- but I could see how much they meant to her. I could tell how touched she was that I'd taken the time to show her how I felt.

You hear a lot about big gestures that people make but what about the small ones? What about the small acts of kindness that help to brighten someone's day or make them feel appreciated and like they do matter.

And you know what? If you show someone that kindness, if you show someone that there is good in the world, chances are they'll pass it around. They might start to think on how they can brighten someone's day.

It doesn't take a lot- maybe just a cup of coffee to say thank you but, I promise you, it makes a big difference.

How can you show someone how much you love them and who would it be? Let me know below!

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