Thursday, 20 February 2014

Why Hard Work And Faith Go Hand In Hand

Confused? Let me elaborate...

Let's start with hard work. Hard work is obviously very important if you want to achieve your ambitions but, if you're not careful, you can lose sight of what you were working towards in the first place. You can become overwhelmed with the situation that you've landed yourself in and find yourself eager for a way out.

With faith- also known as belief- too much can cause inaction. If you sit back and wait for things to happen- if you have the belief that 'it will happen one day' but never take any action to achieve that goal then nothing will happen. Most things won't fall onto your lap- you have to work for them.

Imagine that you're trying to start your own business.

Hard work is obviously needed to build up a client list or a product and to get a budget but if you are keeping your head down and battling on, you never take the time to look at alternative methods and to take risks. You'd find yourself stressed and not enjoying achieving your ambition.

Alternatively, if you were to focus on faith alone then you would never build up the foundations that are needed to achieve the business and you would fail to make connections. Admittedly, you may be willing to take more chances and to reap more rewards but you wouldn't have the necessary tools to retain a functioning business which can cause issues.

You need both.

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Take Andy Murray. It goes without saying for him to have won Wimbledon he would have had to have worked incredibly hard and trained pretty much constantly. It would have been tough- chances are he thought he couldn't do it a couple of times but it was down to his faith that he could win, down to his belief that he could do well that he got there in the end.

We are all guilty of not getting the balance right- maybe we've been pushing ourselves too hard or just sitting back and crossing our fingers that things will work out because we can't quite bring ourselves to deal with them. But, you know what? It's OK in moderation. It's when one of these attitudes take over our lives that the problems kick in.

How do you know that you haven't got the balance right? Simple. Think of your goal and then ask yourself: are you satisfied at this point of the journey to achieving it?

If not, why?
Are you too stressed? Have you been working at it none stop?
Or maybe you haven't done anything towards it? Is the cursor still waiting for you to type the first word or that box with your ideas gathering dust?
Then you take things from there.

Have a think about it, you could be doing yourself a big favour.

What is your biggest challenge in finding a balance? Share your thoughts below!

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