Sunday, 30 March 2014

What Is Fear?

Fear is that oh-so- familiar feeling of dread in th pit of our stomachs. It is the thing that makes our palms sweaty, makes us shake and want to run away. It is the barrier that makes us want to hide. It is the enemy that immobolises us.
It is also all in our head.

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The mind is a very powerful thing. It can help us, hinder us and, if we're not careful, destroy us.

Fear is all in the mind. It is not something physical, you can not have it surgically removed, it is very much a mental boundary.

And what do we do with boundaries? Well, my friend, we push them.

All of us can do this- chances are you've done so already. (Look at my post on courage for more on this)
Fear, like pain, is a manifestation of the mind. Think of the last time that you accidently knocked yourself. Chances are that when you caught you arm or leg it hurt. What we tend to forget though, is that it is not the limb itself that is hurting- it is your brain telling you that you have hurt yourself and something is wrong. In a way, pain isn't real.

Fear is our brain's way of telling us to be cautious. It is our sense of self-preservation that causes our fear but, unfortunately, our over-cautious brain doesn't understand the difference between running from sabre-tooth tigers and going for something new.

The only way to conquer fear- to not let is hold you back- is to face it.

Now, this isn't always easy. It can hold us hostage so that we can't function. The trick is to put things into perspective. How do we do this? We try to rationalise our fear.
  • Why am I feeling like this? 
  • Realistically, what is the very worst that can happen?
  • How will I feel if I do what I am scared of?
  • Is there anyway I can ease my fear? 
  • What is getting to me the most? And can I change this?
These are some of the questions you can ask yourself to try and ease your concerns. Give them a go! Let me know if they helped!

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