Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Finding Inspiration

As writers we can be inspired by the seemingly most insignificant of things. New ideas can pop into our heads at anytime and fill us with fresh new ideas.

So where do we get these ideas from? Where is it that we can find these strikes of inspiration?

Truthfully, they can come from anywhere.

Sometimes images can just come into your head while doing a mundane activity, while others can be prompted by conversations with others.

The trick is to allow yourself to take in the world around you. You have to open your eyes and be willing to absorb all of the chaos around you to find the specks of writing gold.

As with most things, the more you concentrate on it, the less likely it will come to you and so you have to just be ready and waiting for when it does come.

Simple things can trigger inspiration, from a walk in the countryside to a day out with friends. You don't even need to be anywhere new, familiar places can be filled with old memories which can inspire new thoughts.

Sometimes, the world is just waiting for you to stumble across them.

One of Banksy's creations
So open your ears, eyes and heart and just take in this crazy thing called life because it's waiting to give you some ideas.

What's the most bizarre thing to have inspired you? For me it was the printed coupon on the back of a bus ticket!

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