Sunday, 29 June 2014

25 Reasons That You Should Be Scared About The Future

  1. You could be evicted
  2. You could be fired
  3. The company you work for could close
  4. Your car could be written off
  5. You could break up with your partner
  6. You could get a rare illness when abroad
  7. You could move abroad and not understand what anyone is saying to you
  8. You could end up living in a country that you really don't like
  9. You could get in an accident abroad
  10. You might never get to go abroad
  11. You could struggle to open up your own business
  12. No one wants to buy a product/ service that you sell
  13. You struggle to keep your business afloat
  14. You have to sell your business
  15. You have to work for someone again
  16. You could be chased by a rhino
  17. You could be eaten by a shark
  18. You could be mauled by a lion
  19. You could be stranded on an island
  20. You could get lost in space
  21. You could be attacked by a polar bear
  22. You could be abducted by aliens
  23. You could be bitten by a crocodile
  24. You could be crushed by a snake
  25. The world could end
The point is, you have no idea what the future has in store. The future is unpredictable and no matter how hard you can try you can't always predict where you'll end up.

So what can you do? Honestly, make the most of every moment as it comes, sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

So, how do you take the first step?

Taking the first step is never easy. You find yourself wanting to do something but a giant barrier seems to be in the way and you find the task impossible.

The flashing of the cursor on a blank page.

That phone call that you need to make but can't bring yourself to do.

The empty canvas waiting for paint.

So, how do we tackle this first step? How do we climb over the barrier that blocks us from the path that we want to take?

Honestly? You have to just go for it.

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Taking the first step- typing those first words, picking up the receiver, putting the brush against the canvas- is one of the scariest things that you can do because you are taking one giant step into the unknown. You are making yourself vulnerable.

It isn't easy to have courage. The walls can feel as though they're closing in and your chest feels tight. Your mind quite happily supplies hundreds of reasons why you shouldn't do it and it becomes the easiest thing in the world to just step away.

But you know what?

Without that first step, you can't begin your journey.

Without that first step, you can't make the rest.

As you've may have read from a previous post, life is one big risk. There are no guarantees, no replays- we only get one shot. Keeping this in mind, why he hell not just go for it?

Yeah, it could go wrong. Yeah, you could fall flat on your face... but what if it goes right?

What if taking that first step, taking that risk opens up an entire new set of opportunities? What if it's the start of a fantastic journey?

As a result of this, I'm in the process of releasing my first ever eBook on Amazon. I don't know how it will turn out. It could all go horribly wrong and I could be very embarrassed or it could give me a massive boost and a great feeling of achievement.

The point is I'm giving it a shot.

You don't know unless you try, right?

The more you dwell on it, the harder it becomes. So, what are you waiting for? Take that leap!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

When You Are Stuck, Go Back To The Beginning

In the film Chaos, starring Jason Stratham, there is a line that one of the characters use which I think is useful to remember.

"The Buddha was troubled so he went back to where he came from, the beginning, to find the path, the answer. So when you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning to find your way. Or something like that."

It is actually this logic that helps him to work out what has happened in the film and, without giving too much away, crack the case.

When you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning to find your way.

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Life is full of challenges and sometimes, to solve those challenges, we need to sit down and look at the facts as they are without all of the complexity that comes with them. This can apply to many things, whether that be a personal problem, issues with a project or work related.

It's logical. If you are lost and have a map, you look at the journey you have taken so far. If you are trying to work out where you have gone wrong when assembling something, more often then not, you'll start again.

When you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning.

Why? Because at the beginning you can see things clearer- the chaos that came along during the challenge is put to one side and you can see it for what it really is. You can figure things out by starting with the basics.

Say you're writing a piece of fiction and you're trying to work out a plot that has completely fallen apart. It is much easier and more effective to go back to the first scene. Forget all of the scenes that you've written and all of the ideas swimming about your head and go back to the beginning. What is the first thing that you want your readers to read and what do you want them to take from the story?

If you're designing something, what is the end product that you want? What is the purpose of your design?

If you're planning an event, what kind of event do you want it to be and what do you want people to experience?

When you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning.

The beginning is where you'll find the answers.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Why We All Need To Slow Down

Whether we like it or not, we live in a busy world. Every morning, we get up, we get ready, rush off to work before coming home and trying to cram as many things as we can in the spaces in between.

Our life can seem like one constant rush.

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We are constantly pushing ourselves and trying to meet all of our duties and responsibilities and before we know it the day is over and we're wondering where the time went.

I ask you this: when was the last time that you just stopped?

When was the last time that you just paused to take it all in? To take a deep breath of fresh air and listen to the twittering of the birds or to take in the smile of your children, partner or friends?

We spend so much energy running about and trying to make sure that everything falls into place that we forget to savour it. We take the small things for granted and don't make the most of them while we can. The strong grip of a good hug, the smile of a friend, the heart to heart with a sibling get pushed to the back of the mind as we desperately hurry about trying to keep up with it all.

We forget to take the time to make the most of life.

This, right here, right now is the one shot that we're going to remember. Whatever your beliefs, whether that be heaven, reincarnation or just being buried in the ground, the life you are living now is the only attempt that you're going to remember- once it's gone, it's gone.

Keep up your responsibilities, work hard in life but make sure to enjoy it too. It goes so quickly that, if you're not careful, you'll miss it.

Half of the year is gone and you can't get it back but you can make the most of the rest of it. You can savour the rest of it.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

How To Stick To ANY Commitment

So you've decided to do something (yay!) and you've begun to take the first steps to carry it out, whether that's buying paint, wallpaper or maybe just a general toolkit.

You're doing great, you're on a roll when the doubts begin to kick in and the negativity starts.

What if you can't do this?

What if you can't redecorate the room/ finally write that novel/ finally do that massive project that you'd been putting off for ages?

Before you freak out entirely, try these tips!
  1. Tell someone what you are going to do.Tell your parents, your spouse, your siblings, your friends- hell, tell that random woman who makes conversation with you at the bus stop- just tell someone. Why? Because if you tell someone, chances are they are going to keep on asking you how it's going and you're going to want to give them a good answer.
  2. Post it online.Let the world know what you're going to do. For example, I am planning on writing a book- most likely an ebook. It is because I have announced this to others online numerous times that has forced me to commit to it- even though it has meant I have had to write and rewrite scenes numerous times and, most recently, plan out and alter my entire plot so that the story is realistic and makes sense.
  3. Give yourself a deadline.Think it through, make sure that it's realistic, and then stick it everywhere! On cupboard doors, on the fridge, in your room, the area that you'll be carrying your project out- everywhere!
    Or, if you've used the first two tips, tell those people your deadline. Knowing that others expect you to have it done for a certain time will help to drag you to your project, even if you may not particularly feel like doing it.
And if none of these tips work, ask yourself this: do you really want to have this commitment? Really?

When you commit to something, you are basically announcing that you are going to take the time to do it. Part of your energy will be put towards it and chances are it will be testing at times.

We all struggle to follow through with commitments sometimes but if you're constantly looking for an excuse not to do it or if it's making you completely miserable then maybe it's not really a commitment. Maybe it's a temporary fancy that's soon lost it's appeal.

If it's an errant idea that is no longer holding any weight then don't be afraid to let it go. Why? Because by letting it go you are allowing the commitments that you really want to do come forward and your energy will be better spent.

So come on, announce it to the world: what are you committing to? Let us all know in the comments!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Why Your Health Should ALWAYS Come First

So often in our lives we are distracted by our duties, whether they be our duty to our families, our jobs as well as numerous other things.

We spend all of our energy on trying to juggle all of these balls in the air, on trying to keep everyone happy and all of our responsibilities sorted that we forget the most important thing in our entire life.

Our health.

Our health doesn't have deadlines, it doesn't have someone telling us what we should be doing or demand that we do what it wants it to. Our health is solely reliant on us.

No one is responsible for our health but us. If we don't care of it, we can't point the finger at someone else. If we take it for granted and it deteriorates because of it, it is no one's fault but ours.

When your health goes, you can't a new one. You can't go to a shop and request some a new pair of lungs or some new limbs- once the damage is done you have to live with it.

I cannot express this enough!
Still not convinced? Think of it this way: if you do not care for your health, it will force you to stop and when you stop you can not act on your duties and responsibilities.

This life right here, this one that you are living right now as you read this post is it. This is your one shot. Now, while it is important to make the most of it and savour every moment it is just as important to make sure that you take are of yourself so you can make the most of it that you can.

How can you take better care of yourself? I would say that I would put less pressure on myself and to give myself more of a break. Let me know yours in the comments!

I will be without Wi-Fi until next weekend and so I'm afraid that I will be out of touch for a while and my next post won't be for a while.

Have a nice week!