Sunday, 15 June 2014

When You Are Stuck, Go Back To The Beginning

In the film Chaos, starring Jason Stratham, there is a line that one of the characters use which I think is useful to remember.

"The Buddha was troubled so he went back to where he came from, the beginning, to find the path, the answer. So when you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning to find your way. Or something like that."

It is actually this logic that helps him to work out what has happened in the film and, without giving too much away, crack the case.

When you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning to find your way.

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Life is full of challenges and sometimes, to solve those challenges, we need to sit down and look at the facts as they are without all of the complexity that comes with them. This can apply to many things, whether that be a personal problem, issues with a project or work related.

It's logical. If you are lost and have a map, you look at the journey you have taken so far. If you are trying to work out where you have gone wrong when assembling something, more often then not, you'll start again.

When you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning.

Why? Because at the beginning you can see things clearer- the chaos that came along during the challenge is put to one side and you can see it for what it really is. You can figure things out by starting with the basics.

Say you're writing a piece of fiction and you're trying to work out a plot that has completely fallen apart. It is much easier and more effective to go back to the first scene. Forget all of the scenes that you've written and all of the ideas swimming about your head and go back to the beginning. What is the first thing that you want your readers to read and what do you want them to take from the story?

If you're designing something, what is the end product that you want? What is the purpose of your design?

If you're planning an event, what kind of event do you want it to be and what do you want people to experience?

When you hit a dead end, go back to the beginning.

The beginning is where you'll find the answers.

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