Sunday, 10 August 2014

Stuck in a runt? Shake off the shackles and move forward.

On Wednesday, I ended up having a rather interesting conversation on the way to Chester with a co-worker. We were driving along, just talking, when she said something that really stuck with me and it's something that I really want to share with you all today.

"It doesn't matter what you do with your life as long as you keep on moving forward- I don't necessarily mean with education but as long as you keep moving forward in life, that's all that matters. You are driving your own destiny, no one else."

Keep moving forward. It's amazing how such a simple statement can have such a powerful effect on you.

It got me thinking. How can I keep moving forward? How can I actively take steps to keep my life aiming in the right direction than just staying in a stand still as the world passes me by? Then I realised. It was down to lack of action.

How many of us dream up things that we would like to do but never actually put the plan into motion? How many of us aspire for our professional or personal lives to go a certain way but never make the physical effort to even try?

So I've decided to create a bucket list. A set of actual goals to work towards of all of the things that I want to have achieved before my time is up and on this list I am going to have all of the things that I was too scared to imagine to do, too worried about, that I am determined to achieve.

If you're stuck in a runt, I ask you this: are you really unable to move forward, are you really unable to make a change or have you allowed yourself to stay motionless? Have you voluntarily allowed yourself to be stuck in the exact moment that you're in now because you've been unwilling or unable to admit that you are no longer progressing?

You are no longer moving forward?

Forget the excuses. Forget the 'It may not work' or 'I might fail'. Forget the 'It might be a mistake' or 'I may regret it' because you won't know unless you try in the first place.

Make a bucket list, aim for something better- even if it's just that holiday that you always wanted to go on.

The best way to get motivated to get something done is to go ahead and do it. So start today! Make that list, enrol on that course, take that step towards where you want to be.

If life's a journey and you want to make the most of it, you've got to start walking.

Image from Google

Image from Google

What would be on your bucket list or do you already have one? Let me know what it is- whether on Google + or in the comments!

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