Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Power of the Word "Can't"

When I did drama in school there was one clear rule we were given by the teacher. 'The word 'can't' was banned. That and its friend 'cannot' were not to make an appearance or else you were in for it.'

Naturally as eleven year olds we complained about it, every lesson you could guarantee that at least one person would try and find a way around it, yet no matter how much we grumbled he stuck with it- 'can't' didn't exist in his classroom.

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right."                -Henry Ford

The funny thing with the word 'can't' I that we use it so often that we've stopped appreciating what it really means. By saying that you cannot do something you are saying that you either physically, mentally or emotionally are unable of completing it.

So say, for example, the sentence: 'I can't read or write Latin.' is accurate as I am unable to physically or mentally do this but here's the kicker...

I can if I wish to.

If I wanted to learn Latin I could take the time to do so and be able to say, 'I can read or write Latin.'
The truth is that the majority of the time we do have the ability to do these things yet we feel as though we are unable to. Very few things are impossible yet we seem to think they are.

So next time you go to tell someone that you can't do something take a moment and think.

Is it really impossible for you to do or do you just think it is?

Still sure that you can't do it?

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